Thursday, July 21, 2011

Passport take 1!

On June 26th, Nathan and I headed off to Wingate, NC with 15 youth and 4 other chaperones for Passport choices. We were both more so than Nathan. Passport is such a huge part of my life and has had such a profound impact on my life. I find my experiences with Passport very difficult to communicate to other people. I was so ready for Nathan to experience Passport and get to hang out with our super awesome youth group.
The week did not disappoint. The theme really connected with our group. They loved their choices and their leaders. The group got a lot closer and really experienced God in different ways. And Nathan experienced Passport and a part of me. We all rocked it out at the dance!! It was just a breathtaking week!! And exhausting. 

And as far as weight watchers and camp, I found a balance. I brought breakfast bagels and spray butter. Stocked up on fruit. Skipped the fruit snacks and cookies at lunch. For dinner, I was completely at the mercy of the cafeteria. And often very hungry. I would try to eat the main item (chicken fingers, pizza, chicken quesadilla,etc.) and then chow down on fruit. I ran one morning. Other than that, I would just sweat the pounds off (thank you, dance with no air conditioning). So after a 3 quesadilla night, trip to Cookout, and Cheerwine sherbet, I came out about even, if not down a little bit!!
All in all, a fabulous and successful week!!

Thanks for the fun Passport!!

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